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Secret Student
FIU Class of 2021

Sold their First Guide 57 Times for a Total of $342

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Jess Kane
FSU Class of 2019

Sold Her First Guide 37 Times for a Total of $182

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Sarvika Bommakanti
FAU Class of 2020

Sold Her First Guide 67 Times for a Total of $402


Tom Shields

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COO - Spreading the word.

He builds our close knit college communities. He’ll cold call anyone, motivate a sloth, knock down doors and never quit. He’s our relentless mascot.

Alex Jordan

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CEO - Organizing it all.

He makes sure our feet on the ground are coordinated with our tech team in Soho, and everyone knows where we are on the road map to accomplishing the main objective.

Justin Bureau

Justin ed50b85b979e4ced75e0c2bb3d1c1cd720c28d0fa3ff06cf2eda01a3aa824c8d
CTO - Making it work.

As our resident software engineer he turns our concepts into reality. He creates, manages and translates our product designs into our actual platform components.